Behind the Scenes with Playwright David Trujillo

NWU Member David Trujillo is on the eve of debuting his latest play, Legacy of a Garage Band. Here he talks about the story, themes and preparation to open his show in Long Beach, CA, mid-February. The deeper and more complex themes of my new play have to do with the opioid crisis and mental […]

Documentary on the 1976 Downing of a Cuban Plane

In October 1976, a Cuban plane took off from Barbados to Jamaica. In a blip, Flight 455 disappeared from radar screens. Various aviation agencies, including the Cuban government, determined that two bombs hidden on the plane caused it to explode midair, the wreckage  plummeting into the Caribbean Sea.  All 73 people aboard were killed in […]

Comedy Play Excerpt: Adventures of Jorge and Monte 

Below is an excerpt from my comedy, The Adventures of Jorge and Monte.  The particular excerpt is relevant for the upcoming election. A little satire is always good.  (c. 2020) Jorge and Monte are close, working-class friends living in a modest neighborhood.  Together their adventures show a lighter side of Latino life. It has a […]

Traitors Against Democracy

Los Angeles-In the past several years there has been a renewed interest in what has been called the glorification of the “lost cause” of the confederacy. This interest continues today, as protestors take to the streets and on the grounds of local government offices to protest the coronavirus government policies. Some of these demonstrators are […]

SoCal Member’s Play Runs Jan 24, 25, 26

NWU Southen California members Ismael Parra and David Trujillo bringing  back  to Los Angeles the play “Many May Not Return.”   David Trujillo  Southern California National Writers Union member is premiering his original play “Many May Not Return” at the Long Beach Playhouse January 24, 25 & 26.  The NWU Southern California Chapter is planning a […]

SoCal Chapter Chair Plays Benefit Concert

Writer, musician, activist and NWU chapter head, Ismael Parra held a concert fundraiser with the theme “The Struggle for Peace and Planet” on November 23 at an art studio in Los Angeles The concert was a fundraiser for the play Many May Not Return written by NWU member David Trujillo. The play will run January […]

SoCal’s Ismael Parra Takes Play to Chicago

“Many May Not Return,” an anti-war play, will open late June in Chicago at the Prop Theater. Ismael Parra, NWU Southern California chair and music coordinator for the production,  and director David Reyes discussed the fun and challenges of taking your show on the road. David: How is the play coming along in Chicago? Ismael: Good, advance […]

Labor Activists Strategize in Chicago

Several NWU members, including Ismael Parra, David Trujillo, and Eliane Bernard, attended the largest Labor Notes conference ever April 6-8 in Chicago. About 2,500 people from 25 countries, including more than 200 international guests, participated.   The Rev. William Barber of the Poor People’s Campaign greeted the massive crowd via a video  by saying, “Help save […]

NWU at Los Angeles March for Our Lives

So Cal members of the National Writers Union (NWU), along with an estimated 80,000 more, attended the youth-led March For Our Lives rally in downtown Los Angeles on March 23.  In other areas of the country and around the world, millions of supporters turned out, including more than 800,000 at the march’s ground zero in […]