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Come to Our Annual Book Party – Sunday, February 5, 2023 (on Zoom)

Books Published by NWU-Boston members in 2022

200 Ways to Make a LIving as a Writer in the Digital Age – Saturday, April 9 (recording)

200 Ways to Make a LIving as a Writer in the Digital Age – Saturday, April 9 (slides)

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Stories of Self-Publishing Success (by John L. Hodge)

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A Salute to Barbara Beckwith

Renee Graham’s Keynote Talk at Our Book Party, February 6

Reportback from Our 2022 Book Party

Books Published by NWU-Boston Members in 2021

Stop the Rejections: Make Self-Publishing an Option: Recordings of July 17, 2021 Presentation
       Part One – Getting Things Ready
       Part Two – Platforms
       Part Three – Marketing

Grants Available to Low-Income Writers to Attend Conferences and Workshops

Boston Chapter Donations to Writer Organizations

Writers’ Night In – Third Monday of Every Month

Judging a Book by its Cover (Reportback) – Tuesday, 4/20/21

Video on the CASE Act (Copyright Small Claims Court) with Christopher Kenneally

Attendees at Our Memorable 2021 Book Party – Sunday, January 31

Allissa Richardson, USC, Keynote Speaker at our 2021 Book Party

Reportback: Writers’ Day Camp  – October 24, 2020

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