The Intercept Announces Principles for Freelancers

Over the past year, members of The Freelance Solidarity Project (NWU) and The Intercept have been collaborating to create a set of shared principles for freelance digital media workers.  Today, we are proud to present our unilateral announcement of those principles. The complete document can be reviewed on The Intercept’s website. They are designed to […]

NY Chapter’s Tim Sheard Guest at DC Chapter Meeting

NY Chapter co-chair Tim Sheard was the special guest at our virtual NWU Chapter meeting held via Zoom on Sunday, Nov. 15. A retired nurse, author, and publisher at Hard Ball Press, Sheard gave the Washington, DC Chapter a sneak peek of his new book, A Pandemic Nurse’s Diary, about true stories of essential hospital workers during […]

NWU Fights Racist Attacks on NYC Homeless

New York – November 29: Today about 80 community residents and residents of the temporary homeless shelter at the Lucerne Hotel protested Mayor de Blasio’s plan to move the men to another hotel in the Wall St. financial district. We demanded that the 5,500 homeless people currently in unsafe congregate shelters be placed in the […]

NWU Is Seeking New Union Affiliation

Since the NWU’s decision to disaffiliate from the United Auto Workers last year, our executive committee has been working hard to find a new partner for our union as we move forward with our work to raise standards for freelance media workers. We have explored both affiliation with another large international union as well as […]

NWU Establishes BLM Committee

The Executive Board unanimously voted on November 21, 2020, to create a Black Lives Matter Committee. Demetria Wambia and AJ Springer will co-chair. The committee will actively seek to increase diversity within the Union (including leadership positions) and within industries that have historically not employed or retained a significant amount of Black talent, such as book […]

The War Is Not Over

(Report to the NWU Executive Board – November 21, 2020) When PA went to Biden on November 7, there was dancing in the streets. In NYC, we went out for dinner with friends to a little tapas place on 95th St., and every guest received a glass of champagne as they were seated at an […]

Comedy Play Excerpt: Adventures of Jorge and Monte 

Below is an excerpt from my comedy, The Adventures of Jorge and Monte.  The particular excerpt is relevant for the upcoming election. A little satire is always good.  (c. 2020) Jorge and Monte are close, working-class friends living in a modest neighborhood.  Together their adventures show a lighter side of Latino life. It has a […]