SoCal Member’s Play Runs Jan 24, 25, 26

NWU Southen California members Ismael Parra and David Trujillo bringing  back  to Los Angeles the play “Many May Not Return.”
David Trujillo  Southern California National Writers Union member is premiering his original play “Many May Not Return” at the Long Beach Playhouse January 24, 25 & 26.  The NWU Southern California Chapter is planning a Saturday evening event for the performance. Ismael Parra, Southern California NWU Chapter chair said: 
“We hope that NWU members who are going to the anti-war play written by one of our members will choose Saturday evening to see the play. The play is returning to SoCal after a run in Chicago.  If there is a good group of us we can go out for dinner after the play.  For tickets go too long beach”
NWU, Ismael Parra is the Music Coordinator for the play. The NWU has been a sponsor for the play both in Southern California and Chicago. It is our hope to have the NWU sponsor the play in New York City sometime in the future.