Getting Writers Read and Fed!

The NWU is Back at the San Francisco Writers Conference February, 13-16, 2020. The National Writers Union Northern California Chapter will be at the conference for a 4th year, and is presenting the one-hour panel, Getting Read and Getting Fed! This panel includes NWU Members Cedric O’Bannon, Edward Hasbrouck, Brigid O’Farrell, and September Williams. This event takes place […]

No Cal is Lit

During the past 4 years the National Writers Union Northern California Chapter has, supported our members and NWU in a variety of ways. We have made presentations, exhibited, and sold books at some of the most visible and prestigious book events in California, including readings and appearances at the San Francisco Writers Conference, San Francisco […]


WHEREAS, half of all working Americans (55 Million) don’t have access to an employer sponsored retirement savings plan; WHEREAS, 80% of those with employee retirement savings do save, though inadequately for retirement, only 8 % of people whose employers offer no retirement savings do in fact save; WHEREAS, 1 in 3 American’s retiring from full […]

Chasing Mercury and Companion Book Published

Chasing Mercury by September Williams is a romantic suspense saga about “love in the time of mercury poisoning.” The main characters are a Black epileptic ballerina and a Powwow dancer/whistleblower journalist. Their families are intertwined through their commitments to human and environmental rights. This novel story supports the United Nations’ Minamata Convention on Mercury, which […]

Lit Crawl-San Francisco to Feature NorCal Writers

On Saturday, October 15, the NWU Northern California chapter will curate a session at Lit Crawl-San Francisco called, National Writers Union Takes On Social Justice, featuring readings by NWU members Lizette Wanzer, Henry Millstein, Sarah E. Kornfeld, and September Williams. One of the most anticipated literary nights of the year, Lit Crawl-SF attracts 10,000 people annually. We aim to […]

Tax Tips for Writers

NWU member and tax accountant Therese Francis spoke at a recent NorCal event. These are points she covered in her talk on taxes for writers: Think like a business, look like a business, be seen as a business and, most of all, take advantage of tax laws for businesses. The IRS recognizes two types of […]

Accountant Shares Tips at ‘Taxes for Writers’ Event

Therese Francis, PhD, an NWU member from New Mexico, led an informative and timely session, Taxes for Writers, on January 7 in San Francisco. NWU’s Northern California Chapter and the Mechanics’ Institute Library and Chess Room co-sponsored the workshop. A writer, publisher and accountant, Francis kicked off the current tax season with the lunchtime event […]

Notes on Writing a Novel

Each morning I confirm my purpose as a writer with a ritual: My perpetually open bedroom blinds serve as a visual alarm. Checking the weather and tides app on my phone help me determine if the day’s exercise will be rowing or hiking. Reviewing news alerts confirm that life still exists outside of my door. […]