WHEREAS, half of all working Americans (55 Million) don’t have access to an employer sponsored retirement savings plan;

WHEREAS, 80% of those with employee retirement savings do save, though inadequately for retirement, only 8 % of people whose employers offer no retirement savings do in fact save;

WHEREAS, 1 in 3 American’s retiring from full time employment this year will find themselves in poverty by 2023, having exhausted meager savings, with statistics of women and people of color being the worse off ;

WHEREAS, members of the National Writers Union, by virtue of the profession, work episodically, and for wages that often assure poverty ;

WHEREAS, poverty in aging is directly related to Ill health and health disparities’

BE IT RESOLVED, that the NWU seek to identify and share information for improvement of members understanding of behavioral finance, and retirement savings through web seminars, and other educational means and ;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the NWU consider surveying members about their financial concerns at retirement age and share among themselves at the chapter unit level, Union avid financial information resources, including but not limited to local UAW or other Union Credit Unions, accountants, tax preparers, financial/estate advisers familiar with freelance workers, and small businesses, like writers, editors, journalists and other NWU membership and be it,

FURTHER RESOLVED, that the above identified resources be compiled in links or made otherwise available on the webpage.

Contacts/Responsible Parties: September Williams, 1+415-505-2310