Lit Crawl-San Francisco to Feature NorCal Writers

On Saturday, October 15, the NWU Northern California chapter will curate a session at Lit Crawl-San Francisco called, National Writers Union Takes On Social Justice, featuring readings by NWU members Lizette Wanzer, Henry Millstein, Sarah E. Kornfeld, and September Williams.

One of the most anticipated literary nights of the year, Lit Crawl-SF attracts 10,000 people annually. We aim to have many of those participants recognize the name National Writers Union by the end of the fest.

This event is a part of NorCal Chapter’s steps to support existing members. Along these same lines, we’re launching an internship pilot program. It will build upon the year-old NorCal Chapter outreach committee, which has yielded partnerships with several literary and cultural educational organizations, including LitCrawl.

In September, the NorCal steering committee unanimously approved a pilot internship program and allotted resources for intern(s) and an outreach director. NWU member Sarah E. Kornfeld, a seasoned activist and market strategist will serve in the new post, and will report to the chapter steering committee.

The Internship Project evolved as a direct response to a call at the 2015 NWU Delegate Assembly for increased membership and revenues. The Northern and Southern California chapters have gotten serious about sharing resources to increase exposure and capacity to organize. Along with supporting members’ writing efforts as a part of our outreach activities, we feel a responsibility to inform the potential members of the coming generation about what unions have achieved, and what we can accomplish, going forward.

Editor’s Note: Sarah E. Kornfield contributed to this article.