Chasing Mercury and Companion Book Published

Chasing Mercury by September Williams is a romantic suspense saga about “love in the time of mercury poisoning.” The main characters are a Black epileptic ballerina and a Powwow dancer/whistleblower journalist. Their families are intertwined through their commitments to human and environmental rights.

This novel story supports the United Nations’ Minamata Convention on Mercury, which goes into effect on August 16, 2017. The fiction ebook is available on the five major outlets and two library suppliers via MacMillan/Pronoun distribution. Chasing Mercury is available now as an ebook with audiobook coming this September.

Toxic Water-Minamata Japan with September Williams, physician-writer and bioethics consultant is a children’s nonfiction companion book to Chasing Mercury. Written by award winning children’s book author Meish Goldish. The children’s book is available through Bearport Publishing, a children’s library publisher. This book supports the environmental disaster curriculum for children grade 3 and above. For more information click here