Peter Halsey Sherwood

Peter Halsey Sherwood studied voice and theater at London’s historic Royal Academy and worked as a theatrical agent before becoming the dining editor of Next magazine in Manhattan. He has also written for Interior Design, New York and Woman’s Day. As creator of the food blog, he was published inThe Foodista Best of Food Blogs Cookbook.

From the author of the pale of memory, The Murdery Delicious Hamwich Gumm Mystery and The Murdery Delicious High Seas Horror series, Friendship Fog is Mr. Sherwood’s latest novel. 

Two reviews from Amazon:


FRIENDSHIP FOG PROOF_unnamedFriendship Fog is a rollicking good read that is funny, poignant, supernatural, touching and most definitely politically incorrect! It’s so hard to review without revealing or spoiling the story’s events. The story is one of a journey for the characters, but laced with the sarcasm and unpredictability that is ever present in our own lives. While some of the characters’ lifestyles and experiences (e.g. the rich, famous and glamorous) may not be totally recognizable, their emotions and situational responses are totally human which make it so identifiable. Of course, the undercurrent of humor keeps the story moving and draws in the reader. Throughout the book you hope for various outcomes as the plot twists and the characters’ current and past experiences unfold. The characters’ reminiscences of past summers can be especially cringe-worthy as it reminds you of the awkwardness of adolescence. But the conversations and banter between the characters flows fast and biting. It makes you wish of all the things you wished you could have said to others. It’s a great story which should not be missed!”


“Peter Halsey Sherwood’s latest novel, Friendship Fog, is captivating and funny; it’s an intriguing concoction of present day relationships melded with a nostalgic look at the ways that childhood friendships and love help shape the people we eventually become. Through a combination of flashbacks, internal imaginings and clever dialogue, the characters bring the novel’s central themes of love, perseverance, and longing to the surface as the plot continues to unfurl to reveal a secret from the past. Highly recommended!”

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