Aspiring Writers Mentoring Program

New York – The Aspiring Writers Mentoring Program 2018 kicked off on June 27, 2018 with six pioneering mentees. They are: Ann Constantino-Beck, Carmen Bardeguez-Brown, Nivea Castro, Natasha Lewis, Katherine Walsh, and Lydia Zabarsky. Their one month coaching program is being managed by the OSM! online magazine and the National Writers Union Service Organization. The mentors include Marivir R. Montebon, publisher of OSM! online magazine, Terry Schwadron of the NWUSO and formerly senior editor for New York Times and LA Times, and Tim Sheard, publisher of the HardBall Press.

The AWMP is still open for registrants. Online students are accepted. It aims to synergize the expertise and experiences of veteran writers and journalists with that of the need and enthusiasm of aspiring writers for story identification, research, writing, and publishing.


  1. Registration and payment of fees $100 to cover for mentoring, editing, certificate, and publishing of work
  2. Scheduling of one-month program to include story identification, research and writing, presentation, editing, re-writing, and publishing (optional).
  3. Publishing of work and release of certificate. Your work will be published on the NWUSO website and OSM!

After completion of the program, mentors and mentees often remain in contact, with the veteran writer providing advice, support and feedback about all aspects of writing and publishing.

Please email Marivir R. Montebon at for further inquiries. (Featured photo: Topmost L-R: Nivea Castro, Carmen Brown, Ann Constantino-Beck; Second row L-R: Lydia Zabarsky, Katherine Walsh, and Natasha Lewis)