Want to host a small NWU event? Seed grants are now available.

Writers are everywhere — Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Stamford, Jersey City, and in every other town in NY, NJ, and CT. The NWU needs your help to reach them. If you are an NWU dues-paying member, you can apply for a seed grant to host three consecutive monthly gatherings. The event structure is up to you. If you’re interested, please send a message to nwuny@nwu.org.

Funding Available: Up to $50 for first gathering. If more than 10 writers attend, additional funding up to $75 for the following month. If more than 10 writers attend the 2nd gathering, another $75 will be given for the third gathering. If 2 writers join the NWU within the three-month period and the third gathering has more than 10 writers attending, then $75 will be given for each of the next three months.  Additional three-month funding of $225 will continue as long as 2 new NWU members join within each funding period. Only up to three neighborhood gatherings will be funded per year. Funding will be provided after each gathering once receipts have been received.