Barry Stewart Levy

Barry LevyBarry Stewart Levy is a former English teacher who also worked as a Literary Artist for the Cultural Council Foundation/CETA Artists Project, co-authoring the topical revue “New Living Newspaper, Vol. 1, No. 2” (Playwrights Horizons), writing poetry for the anthology “Words to Go” and conducting interviews for the publication Art Workers News. He was a reporter for Gotham Newsmagazine and a freelance game show writer for NBC’s “Shoot for the Stars.” He is the recipient of the Clarence Kline Essay Prize and was a semi-finalist in the Writers Guild of America, East, Fellowship Competition. “European Son: a novella” is his first work of fiction.
From Kirkus Reviews
“Levy debuts with an elegiac novella featuring a troubled young narrator on a dangerous journey to satisfy his needs for control and sexual vengeance… The action in Nice, plaited with flashbacks and stand-alone poems, is elliptical and intense. Like Patricia Highsmith’s infamous Ripley, the narrator insinuates himself into situations and relationships, becoming both an object of desire and revulsion… Levy’s laconic style is often very effective in this ambitious, chilling tale of psychopathology and exploitation.”
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