Palestinian Journalists Syndicate Congress Held in Ramallah

Ramallah, Palestine May 25 – “They attack us because we are witnesses…We will never give up.” That’s how PJS President and IFJ Vice President, Nasser Abu Bakr opened the Palestinian Journalists Syndicate (PJS) Congress. The hybrid mass event was attended by about 2,000 delegates, half of them attending online from Gaza. Members of the IFJ […]

IFJ ExCom Meets in Athens

The IFJ ExCom was held in Athens on April 20-22. The ExCom, elected at the last Congress, includes representatives from Peru, Colombia, Panama, Angola, Cameroon, Somalia, Libya, Tunisia, Oman, India, Palestine, France, Germany, UK, Spain, Australia, Canada and the US. Maybe the most pressing issue on the agenda is the developing split within the federation, […]

NWU Represents at Community Media Advocacy Day

Albany, NY May 16 – I participated in the press conference that took place on the occasion of the Community Media Advocacy Day in Albany, NY. Below are my remarks on, “The importance of local journalism and community media.” Journalism is the Fourth pillar of democracy and plays a critical role in a civil society.  […]

NWU Stands with WGA!!!

All About the Writers Strike: What Does the WGA Want and Why Are They Fighting So Hard for it? (explainer by NWU Freelance Solidarity Project member Eric Thurm)

NWU Testifies at Hearing on Generative AI

The NWU was invited to testify at the first of a series of listening sessions on the implications of generative artificial intelligence. This is the first step in a lengthy public consultation process by the U.S. Copyright Office, which is hosting the events. The April 19 session focused on “literary works,” which in copyright jargon […]

Writing History Daily

(NWU is proud to showcase this piece from NWU member Mumia Abu-Jamal in love and solidarity. We are excited to announce that this is the first of what will become a regular column for Mumia in the NWU newsletter. The struggle goes on, under any and all conditions.) Many years ago, while working in public radio, […]

Free Mumia!

On March 9, a delegation visited Mumia at SCI Mahanoy Prison in Pennsylvania, made up of Jacky Hortaut of the French Collective for the Liberation of Mumia, Patrick Kamenka, representative of the French SNJ-CGT National Union of Journalists, and NWU President Larry Goldbetter representing the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). The visit began with a message of […]

Freelance Isn’t Free Passes in L.A.

The Los Angeles City Council has passed a city-wide version of Freelance Isn’t Free, which will enact some much-needed basic protections for freelancers in the city. The city’s iteration of the law is comparatively limited, applying only to freelancers who live in the city of Los Angeles proper. However, we are confident that the LA Freelance Isn’t Free […]