DC/VA/MD NWU Chapter

Our chapter has been meeting via zoom every Sunday in response to the urgent and fast-moving events of the pandemic.   Each week we have been inviting a member to share their work. We were delighted by Paul-Newall Reaves’ presentation on long poetry, and an excerpt from author Charlotte Malerich’s soon-to-be-released fantasy novel. We also enjoyed […]

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Trump, Covid, Poverty and Racist Terror

The cold-blooded racist murders of Ahmaud Arbery while jogging near Brunswick, GA, Breonna Taylor while asleep in her bed in Louisville, KY, and George Floyd while in police custody and handcuffed in Minneapolis, MN, have set off a firestorm across the US and around the world. The fearless unity of people across race, age, gender, […]

Publishers Sue the Internet Archive for Scanning Books

On June 1, four major US commercial publishers sued the Internet Archive for “willful mass infringement” of copyrights by scanning books and distributing copies on the OpenLibrary.org and Archive.org websites, without any permission from, or payment to, the publishers or authors of the works included in those books.

As Constables, NWU Members Try to Keep People in their AZ Homes

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Arizona had issues with evictions. In Pima County, where Tucson is located, 15,000 families were threatened with eviction between 2015 and 2018, according to the Arizona Daily Star. That per capita rate for eviction puts Pima in the top 25 counties in the nation for displacing people from their homes, according […]

IFJ North America Region Meets

IFJ’s North American Region met on May 13, to discuss and coordinate our response to the Covid/financial crisis facing our members and our industry.  The meeting included the participation of Unifor (Canada), NWU (US), TNG-CWA (US), NUJ (UK and Ireland), and the Deputy General Secretary of IFJ. To underline the gravity of the situation, the […]

NWU y UAW: La misma lucha, 2 caminos distintos

(Este anuncio se envía simultáneamente a los miembros de NWU y a todas las Sindicatos asociados de la Región 9A de UAW). El 30 de abril de 2020, el presidente del Sindicato Nacional de Escritores UAW Local 1981 (NWU), Larry Goldbetter, en nombre del consejo Ejecutivo de la NWU y sus miembros, solicitó al consejo […]

UAW and NWU: One Movement, Two Paths

(This announcement is simultaneously going out to the NWU membership and all UAW Region 9A Local Unions.) On April 30, 2020, UAW Local 1981 National Writers Union (NWU) President Larry Goldbetter, on behalf of the NWU Executive Board and its members, asked the UAW International Executive Board to vote on their request to disaffiliate from the […]

Letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

On May 13, NWU and a dozen member organizations of the Authors Coalition of America signed on to a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, initiated by the Freelancers Union, concerning continued and improved support for freelancers during the current Covid/financial crisis.  May 13, 2020 Letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Re: Fair inclusion of […]