The Intercept Announces Principles for Freelancers

Over the past year, members of The Freelance Solidarity Project (NWU) and The Intercept have been collaborating to create a set of shared principles for freelance digital media workers.  Today, we are proud to present our unilateral announcement of those principles. The complete document can be reviewed on The Intercept’s website. They are designed to cultivate an equitable, professional relationship between all kinds of digital media workers — including but not limited to writers, researchers, transcribers, photographers, artists, video producers, and/or audio producers — and the online news publication.

Frequent contributors for The Intercept met with editors and management on a regular basis, while soliciting feedback from a wider group of freelancers to ensure that the process was as open and transparent as possible. The Intercept will share these guidelines with all its freelancers and keep them publicly available.

This document represents both the long-standing traditions of The National Writers Union, and the future of organizing freelance media workers. It draws from the NWU’s practice of securing letters of agreement at various publications, and recognizes the precarious working conditions that so many workers currently face. As a distinct division within the NWU, the Freelance Solidarity Project is committed to setting and raising standards for all freelance digital media workers. Together with our members and in solidarity with other unions and all workers, we will continue to organize for better, fairer protections across the industry.

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