Grievance Officers and Contract Advisors Needed

The NWU’s Grievance and Contract Committee is in search of several members who are interested in volunteering their time to be trained and to serve as Grievance Officers (GOs) and Contract Advisors (CAs). 

Why Volunteer?
Grievance Officers assist fellow NWU members in fighting to resolve disputes with publishers that may arise from lack of pay, irregular receipt of royalties, additional use of one’s work without permission or compensation, etc. While assisting them in resolving their grievance, you educate members in how to defend themselves.

Contract Advisors work with fellow NWU members as they review proposed contracts and identify language that should be removed or added to protect the writer as much as possible. Writers learn what a good contract is and is not. With a good contract, they can avoid grievances later. 

GOs and CAs, in addition to getting satisfaction from helping fellow writers improve their working conditions, have a limitless opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the publishing industry as it directly affects writers. A further plus is being in contact with fellow writers and within our network of volunteer GOs and CAs. You get to make a difference to individual members right away.

Training and Mentoring
We’re planning to hold a one-weekday online training in late fall. Upon completion, each trainee will be assigned a mentor who will guide them

through a few cases until both the mentor and the mentee feel that the trainee is ready to go it alone. 

All GOs and CAs are expected to be in regular contact with our online discussion list, with their grievants or contract advisees and with the Grievance and Contract Coordinator. We expect them to notify the Coordinator when they have to be unavailable for more than two days. It is also important to respond to the Coordinator’s requests to take on a case within two days, even if the answer is no.

How to Get Involved
Contact Susan E. Davis, National Grievance and Contract Officer (, and let her know you would like to attend the next training. Susan will contact you to learn more about you, outline the requirements of the two position in more detail, and answer your questions.