Writer Alert: American Geosciences Institute

The American Geosciences Institute (AGI), an organization based in Alexandria, Va., has failed to pay six writers a total of $7,907.20 for work commissioned by AGI and delivered to AGI for publication in EARTH  Magazine.

AGI ceased publication of EARTH Magazine with the April 2019 edition and has since refused to pay these writers for the work AGI assigned and that the writers produced for future editions. AGI’s decision to discontinue publishing EARTH Magazine, however, does not relieve the organization of its obligation to compensate writers for work AGI commissioned and that the writers produced and delivered to AGI. (EARTH Magazine is now published by Nautilus, which is not party to this Writer Alert.)

Although AGI has not responded to the National Writers Union’s recent attempts to resolve this nonpayment situation, the NWU is continuing to pursue this matter.

The NWU recommends that writers take this situation into account before submitting work to AGI.

If you are having problems with the American Geosciences Institute, or any other publisher, please contact us at nwu@nwu.org.