PJS: The US Report Legalizes the Killing of Palestinian Journalists and Justifies Israeli Crimes Against Journalists

NWU calls all US press organizations to join in solidarity with Palestinian journalists in the face of Israeli attacks.

Ramallah, July 4th, 2022

The Palestinian Journalists Syndicate (PJS) condemns the report issued by the American investigation committee, describing it very dangerous and eliminates international protection of Palestinian journalists and workers in the Palestinian territories.

The PJS considers the “American experts’ report”, regarding the examination of the Israeli bullet that killed the martyr journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh, unprofessional. Rather, it is a security, biased, and political report, as the experts departed from their professional role to announce a pure political security report, aimed at evading Israel’s responsibility for the deliberate targeting and assassination of Shireen Abu Aqleh, so not to hold the occupation accountable for its crime against a Palestinian (and American citizen) journalist.

The PJS affirms its confidence in the report of the Palestinian Public Prosecutor in the case of the assassination of Shireen Abu Ak

leh and the United Nations report in addition of several important international media investigations, including prominent American media organizations, and eyewitnesses, all of whom confirmed the assassination of the martyr Shirin by the occupation.

The PJS confirms that with our partners, led by the International Federation of Journalists, we will continue to the end, the judicial procedures in the International Criminal Court, against the leadership of the occupation army, its government and the perpetrators of the crime, so that they get penalized in accordance with international law.

The international public opinion is fully aware of who committed the crime, and it will not be able to distort the truth or influence the angry public opinion against the occupation and its crime against our martyr Shirin. Finally, the PJS calls on all Arab and international media institutions to continue their efforts to achieve justice for Shireen Abu Aqleh, stop impunity for criminals, and hold the occupation regime accountable for its crimes against Palestinian journalists.

General Secretariat
Palestinian Journalists Syndicate