NWU Supports the Struggle to Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline

The struggle to stop the Dakota Access pipeline has grown to involve thousands of First Nation tribes and their supporters despite a corporate media blackout. For defying the blackout and bringing some coverage to the heroic fight-back, Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman and other journalists have had warrants issued for their arrest!

On September 15, a unanimous vote of the National Writers Union Chapter Chairs passed the following resolutions:

Resolution in Support of the Struggle to Stop the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock

The National Writers Union/UAW Local 1981 (NWU), stands in solidarity with the actions by the Sioux Tribe and over 100 First Nations Tribes and their supporters, gathered at Standing Rock North Dakota to stop the Dakota Access pipeline. The pipeline endangers water resources, desecrates First Nations burial lands, ignores reservation treaty rights and would permanently place a scar across the US, from the Canadian Border to Texas, defacing the land.  

The NWU deplores this $3.8 billion project, by dirty oil to move toxic crude oil from Canada to Texas for dirty profits, and the misuse of the Army Corp of Engineers for such private, for-profit, and ecologically damaging projects. The NWU calls upon the CEO and board members of Citi Bank and other banks, including foreign banks, and their share holders to desist in consideration of the irreversible damage that can be done to First Nations Peoples, to their sacred  places, to the environment, to mother earth and to all of America by the irresponsible drive for profits by companies such as Dakota Access LLC, a joint venture of Phillips 66 and Sunoco Logistics, and others like Marathon Oil a part of Energy Transfer Partners,  who are some of the interlocking companies involved in this dangerous, profit driven, shameless effort.

Resolution Defending All Journalists Threatened for Covering the Struggle at Standing Rock

The National Writers Union/UAW Local 1981 stands in solidarity with our journalist colleagues, who have been singled out for retribution because of doing their jobs, including those reporting the monumental struggle of First Nation peoples at Standing Rock who are protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. The National Writers Union, as an affiliate of the International Federation of Journalists, objects to the persecution of, or violence toward journalist of all types by law enforcement, private enforcement security companies or others. The NWU stands behind the human and professional right of people to seek and share information through the press.