Join the Poetry Corner

The debut of a NWU Poet’s Corner might be overdue, but as you well know nothing happens before it’s time.

Audience participation to poetry performed jointly with both NWU and The Rebel Poets during last year’s NYC Poetry Festival  segued into the idea of  The Poet’s Corner. In fact, Ms. Faiz has secured our attendance at this years’ festival (on Governors’ Island, July 29 – 30th).  Please accept an open invitation to attend, lend support and if time provides, perhaps consider reading a 2- 3-minute piece with us!

Full disclosure, I’m experimenting with this column. 

As writers we are capable of diverse creative exchanges of our works. The NWU is here to inform, encourage, engage, and entertain our creative energies. Can we have fun, enjoy each other, relax, and perhaps share work ideas as poets? 

It takes time to build community. Veteran poets, burgeoning poets, readers, and the curious are welcome to participate.   

I’ll provide “Creative Suggestions” for your response. I’ll post some responses in this column and archive the rest for NWU records. Email to Response deadline dates immediately follow each Creative Suggestion. Here are the (four) Creative Expressions for February – April 2023  

1)Finish this haiku’s opening line “Tart pomegranates…”.  Due Wednesday, March 1st   

2) Develop a universal quote/statement (one- two line max.) utilizing at least three of the following words: pulse, matter, nature, envelope, century, redundant, power, history, and banter. Due Wednesday, March 15th 

3) Provide commentary on poetry in the world today in 50 words or less.  Due Thursday, March 30th  

4) Share an ekphrastic moment in 50 words or less from this accompanying photo. Due Tuesday, April 11th 

Interest piqued?