E-Books and E-Rights Webinar

The Grievance and Contract Division, in partnership with the Book Division, presented our “E-Books and E-Rights” webinar for a second time Wednesday, July 13. The session covered electronic rights in general; negotiating with publishers over e-book and other royalties; and choosing between allowing one’s print publisher to issue one’s e-book or placing it elsewhere.

We drew on information gleaned from members through reports and a 2012 survey that documented injustices members have faced at the hands of publishers over e-book issues; presented a sample grievance based on a real experience, and suggested approaches to granting licenses for e-books.

As agreed at the 2013 Delegate Assembly, we plan to produce further webinars on the topic. In the meantime, if you missed this one, we’ll be offering another reprise in the fall. Watch your email for notices.