DA Resolutions Opposing Police Unions and Welcoming All Media Workers

The 2021 Delegate Assembly passed the following resolutions.


WHEREAS the institution of American policing allows officers to engage in violence, terrorism, and racism with impunity, and

WHEREAS the police serve primarily to uphold the interests of capital, property owners, and racial hierarchies, and

WHEREAS the labor movement exists both to improve the working conditions of individual workers but also to improve conditions for all,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that police unions run counter to the goals of unions and labor. The NWU supports the Writers Guild of America East Council’s resolution calling for the expulsion of police unions from the labor movement.

Fiscal Impact: None.

Action Required: None immediately. NWU will second the WGAE Council’s call for the expulsion of police unions from the AFL-CIO. If, in the future, the NWU affiliates with an international union includes police unions, NWU will call for their expulsion as well, and remain committed to exposing and condemning the actions of the police.


WHEREAS the lines between different forms of work in publishing and media have continued to break down, and

WHEREAS a single freelance contract may include several types of work, including writing, social media production, photo editing, graphic design, and more, and

WHEREAS the devaluation of writing, illustration, social media work, and more all take different forms, but remain manifestations of the same forces, and

WHEREAS the success of organizing one part of the industry requires solidarity from other parts of the industry.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that, in keeping with FSP’s mandate, NWU welcome “all media workers, as well as all unpublished writers, editors, illustrators, photographers, social media, video, or workers in any medium that have not yet had the chance to display their work.”

Fiscal Impact: None.

Responsible Parties: FSP outreach efforts, including relevant working groups and the organizing committee, should redouble their work to include and conduct outreach to workers across the industry.