Books Published by NWU-Boston Members in 2023

Lindsey Fera, Muskets and Masquerades. The second book in a trilogy about a Revolutionary War woman who fights in more than womanly ways, even joining the Continental Army, and her husband.
Kathryn Graven, Memoirs of a Mask Maker, Cinnamon Press. The story of how a five-year-old girl learns to navigate loss after a tragic car accident leaves her motherless. It honors three amazing women — a grandmother, a neighbor and a pharmacist in Japan — who helped her stitch together a beautiful life.

 John Hodge,  Jim Crow of the Mind and the New State Laws Designed to Preserve the Idea of White Male Supremacy. This book exposes the widespread and historical racist and sexist practices that have led to new state laws designed to prevent classroom discussion of these practices.

Leslie Wheeler, ed., Wolfsbane, Best New England Crime Stories 2023.  Crime Spell Books. An anthology of mystery short stories by New England authors, and includes the story that won the Al Blanchard Short Crime Fiction Award for 2023.

 Patricia A. Williams, Fur and Feathers Together: A Tale of the Highland Woods (Illustrator: Tom Swetland) Onion River Press. Courageous woodland creatures unite and fight to stop the pollution of their water supply. They are aided by uppity pet dogs, a loud mouthed macaw and a very flirty red hen.