Electronic Literature Presentation (Reportback)


by John McDaid

On June 17, NWU Boston hosted an online conversation about electronic literature. John McDaid, a member of the Boston chapter and an author of both print and digital fiction, moderated the session featuring Dr. Dene Grigar and Sarah Smith in a discussion of the writing, publishing, and preservation issues around digital texts.

Grigar is director of the Creative Media and Digital Culture program at Washington State University Vancouver. She is also a past president of the Electronic Literature Organization and an author of the MIT Press book, “Traversals,” which documents the preservation of early electronic texts. Sarah Smith is both a New York Times Notable author with a bestselling mystery series and a key figure in electronic literature, whose hypertext novel, “King of Space,” was recently updated for the web by Grigar’s team.

Boston chapter members joined in a Q&A session as part of the one-hour event, which was recorded, and is available on the NWU Boston YouTube channel.