RIP Rachel Burd – Union Leader, Social Justice Warrior

As former officers we want to join with our NWU sisters and brothers to express condolences on the passing of Rachel Burd. We all worked with with Rachel on the NWU executive board in years past and her death has shocked us. Rachel’s commitment to the union, and to the labor movement in general and […]


I am saddened by the situation with the unpaid Ebony and Jet writers, who are now being represented by the National Writers Union. I take it personally that these iconic publications have allowed this situation to drag on so long. They need to show greater respect for the house that John Johnson built, and which […]

Why Defunding the NEA is Even Dumber Than You Think

It’s federal budget time and, as usual, the National Endowment for the Arts is under attack. Their heads filled with images of obscene art, effete gallery-goers and overtaxed single mothers, conservatives are gunning for the straight-out elimination of the 50 year old program. No money, no arts funding. Period. No matter that the $148 million […]