Are You Covered? Healthcare Deadline is Jan. 31

For writers, finding and keeping health coverage can be a challenge. The NWU has partnered with Working America Health Care (WAHC), a collaboration of Working America and Union Plus, which are, respectively, the community affiliate and consumer benefits arm of the AFL-CIO.

Visit the Working America/NWU website today to better understand your coverage options before, during, and after enrollment. 

By signing up for a healthcare marketplace plan through WAHC, you receive great benefits at no extra cost including:

  • Information on whether you qualify for tax credits or subsidies that can cut down your healthcare costs

  • Advocacy on disputed hospital bills

  • Gym discounts that could save you an average of $200/year

  • One-on-one help to compare plans and make your search stress-free

Call 855-698-8627 to connect with a licensed professional, get coverage by January 31, and avoid the fines.