Al Weinrub – RIP

Al Weinrub, a life-long political activist and former 1st VP of NWU, passed away on August 30, 2023. He was surrounded by love and song, and held by loved ones with whom he dreamt and fought for a better world. His service is scheduled for Saturday, September 23 and will be livestreamed. Please write to if you would be interested in receiving an invitation.
Below is a finale message from Al, that he did not have the time or opportunity to share himself….

Dear Friends,

I’m emailing you because we have crossed paths in my fifty-years of justice activism, and I am excited to invite you to celebrate the acquisition by the University of Massachusetts Libraries of my historical archive of social movement documents.

The collection covers key justice struggles spanning five decades, including the Science for the People anti-imperialist organizing of the 1970s, the struggle within U.S. labor against the war in Central America of the 1980s, the anti-racist struggles of the National Rainbow Coalition, and more recently, the life-critical struggle for climate and energy justice. Details of the collection are provided in the University Library’s recent press release announcing the acquisition. The Al Weinrub Justice Papers join the Library’s W.E.B. Dubois and Daniel Elsberg collections, among others, as important historical archives for activists, researchers, historians, and scholars.

In commemoration of this acquisition, I invite you and other justice advocates to submit short statements or tributes regarding the body of work represented by this collection and/or by my justice activism over the years. What is your take on the importance, historical significance, challenges, or impact—personal or political—of this work? All statements made here by September 24 will be made part of the collection itself.

Also, I am encouraging you and other justice advocates to make a donation to the Al Weinrub Justice Fund, which will be used to support the costs of organizing, processing, and digitizing materials in the 30 boxes of files in the collection. The Fund will also be used to maintain the Al Weinrub Justice Papers as a living collection. Please make a donation here. The fund is being launched with a $5,000 donation.

Many thanks for your support of this justice initiative.

Al Weinrub