Women’s Committee Report to the National E-Board – 7 Dec. 2019

Brigid O’Farrell, Women’s Committee and Adrienne Gibbs, IFJ Gender Council

Our work on the NWU Women’s Committee and the IFJ Gender Council has had two main areas of focus.  The first is a survey on violence in the world of work and the second is the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) and the related ILO Convention and Resolution on Ending Violence in the World of Work.


Adrienne Gibbs and Amanda Wilson drafted a survey questionnaire on IFJ/NWU violence in world of work.  They brought in two experts on harassment and surveys who are volunteering their time to help us. We are drawing on early IFJ surveys so that some of the questions can be compared.  We are also planning to reach out to other related organizations to see if they might also survey their members and we can build a larger data base. The survey should be sent out early in 2020.


In March, the UN CSW met in New York City.  Larry Goldbetter represented the IFJ Gender Council/NWU on the ITUC union panel on the ILO Convention to End Violence in the World of Work.  Brigid O’Farrell represented the IFJ Gender Council/NWU at the ITUC orientation and briefing sessions.  She also attended the AFL-CIO Solidarity Center panel, the US Women’s Council meeting , and the US Delegation briefing (https://nwu.org/follow-ongoing-events-at-the-un-commission-on-the-status-of-women/.)  She was joined by Despina Afentouli who wrote one article for NWU ( https://nwu.org/journalism-and-media-workers-at-risk/) and one for New Greek TV and carried on the ITUC CWS page (https://unioncsw.world-psi.org/news/m-chrysoveloni-our-goal-is-to-empower-women-victims-of-violence?lang=en).

The ILO Convention and Resolution to End Violence in the World of Work was passed in June and we sent out a notice.  Implementation plans to have it passed by individual countries are now under way. NWU needs to follow-up with the AFL-CIO International Office.

New Focus:  Sexual Harassment Policy

The new IFJ sexual harassment policy is attached.  We need to review this along with the existing UAW policy.  A policy for NWU can then be presented at the next E-Board meeting.