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I am a science journalist based in Gunnison, Colorado who focuses on health, medicine and LGBTQ+ communities. My work includes everything from shorter news articles to in-depth features and has appeared in Knowable Magazine, Kaiser Health News, High Country News, Audubon Magazine, Slate, Smithsonian Magazine, WIRED and more. I’ve covered stories about what happens inside the brain after a concussion, the suicide crisis in rural Colorado made worse by the pandemic and how Medicaid and insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act often don’t cover the basics, including injectable estrogen, needed by many trans Americans.
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The covid pandemic has caused millions of people, particularly LGBTQ adults, to lose their jobs and enroll in Medicaid or insurance through the Affordable Care Act. Yet these plans often don’t fully cover the basics needed by many transgender Americans, such as injectable estrogen, a hormone therapy commonly used by trans women.
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Polypharmacy, often defined as the use of five or more medications by one patient, leads to premature deaths and unnecessary hospitalizations. Pharmacists are looking for a way to solve this major public health issue, which especially affects older people.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the suicide crisis in the rural town of Gunnison, Colorado. Long-time residents are providing much needed mental health care for people suffering from depression, drug abuse, or a suicide attempt.
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