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Isabel del Rio is a British-Spanish writer and linguist. Born in Madrid, she has lived in London most of her life.

She mostly writes in English but has also published books in Spanish. Her books include the short-story collection 'La duda', shortlisted for two literary awards; and 'Zero Negative-Cero negativo', a bilingual book on the subject of bloodshed. Other works: 'Paradise & Hell' and the poetry collection 'Dolorem Ipsum', dedicated to the victims of the 2020 pandemic.

Isabel also has extensive experience as a journalist and linguist, having worked for the BBC World Service and a UN agency in London.
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Work Sample 1 Description
'Dolorem Ipsum'

A collection of poetry at a time of pain and loss. A brief text by Cicero has become the basis of all printed books: a blueprint, a guiding light, the path to lead us exactly where we need to be. From what our destiny has become to the mind games we have to play with ourselves in order to survive; from losing our sense of belonging to the turmoil that this pandemic has created; not forgetting love poems and apocryphal stories to take us through to the next stage, if there ever is one; with a quick succession of 'flatliner' poems and aphoristic triptychs, interspersed with comments on language and a few pieces of advice for these trying times.
Work Sample 2 Description
‘Madrid, Madrid, Madrid’

A poet reminisces about the city of her birth, with stories and memories brought to life from both her past and the city’s past: a city at war; a declaration ending hostilities; the imaginary demise of the city’s magnificent art collection; forbidden books and student demonstrations; a breech birth and a funeral cortège; sex as it was, but also as it is not; memorable films and favourite pets; the fear of hell and the promise of heaven; an outdated and ill-fated way of life; words looking to be set to music, or scripted as prose, or moulded into poetry, or adapted to the demands of the times, with idiomatic speech taming our wildest dreams. Thus, a retelling of the past becomes the foretelling of the future. A book in memory of the 80th anniversary of the end of the Spanish Civil War.
Work Sample 3 Description
‘Paradise & Hell’

Twenty-four stories on Paradise and Hell. The inadequacies of Paradise. The anxieties in Hell. From android love stories, to dissections of historical events, from a life lived far too mindfully to the dilemmas posed by working in Hell itself. If you are lucky, you can get to choose between Hell and Paradise. But because they have co-existed for so long, you may not be able to distinguish between the two of them anymore...