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From her teen work as a cub reporter for the Barre-Montpelier Times-Argus and editorial assistant at Vermont Life, and her publication and sales to academic/professional journals, Newsweek and Americana before college, Shava continued to work as a writer and journalist for over four decades.

She worked all aspects of publishing, from radio press, PR, gov relations, marketing, speechwriting, scriptwriting, confidential ghost, magazine features and more.

In semi-retirement (do you stop writing?) she is crowdfunded on Patreon, freelances, ghosts, and volunteers in politics.
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So much of what I've written in the last decade or so has been confidential ghosting. I've taught the topic at Grub Street's Muse and the Marketplace conference, the first and I believe only ghost to teach the specialty there.

My son lost track at the nine PhD's I'd simulated on the page, and there have been more -- I live a short walk from my old office at MIT.

I find ghosting remarkably rewarding and creative, actually. There are so many talented people who just can't write. I give them voice.

My favorite compliment, from a business speechwriting client, was that my version of him was more "him" than he was -- that it felt like guidance.

And, yes, I work best with an editor.
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I created this web page section in 2006. At the time, Tor was primarily known to the public -- as much as it was known at all -- as a black hat hacker toolkit. It's a reputation it's been hard for the project to shake. But Tor was created for the good guys -- the criminals already had equivalent tools and had monetized them. If a journalist depended on the Russian or Romanian syndicates back then to cover their tracks, they were as likely to be sold out to the highest bidder. Tor not only created journalist safety, but cut out a revenue stream for the criminals. It's not a "sound byte" argument.

But this page has gone substantially unchanged in content and framing for over a decade. More links have been added as we've been able to back up claims -- that's about it.

I brought Tor from black sheep to the controversial but immune darling of press freedom and democracy advocates around the globe.

My framing, advocacy and grantwriting set up the organization -- as founding executive director -- such that when Snowden bolted and the NSA wanted Tor's head on a platter, State protected us and assured our place in history.
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While in South Africa recently, I stumbled on a government scandal that local press is intimidated from covering. I created a research repository and have been working to get international media to pick it up. It's a story "hiding in plain sight," but remarkable for the variety of reasons it hasn't broken into the press. In some ways, the story is its own story.