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Joe Trusty is an Internet Entrepreneur with a wealth of pool industry experience. Prior to starting the publication Pool Magazine and the marketing firm Pool Marketing, Trusty worked for 6 years as Director of Marketing & Technology for Premier Pools & Spas, the world’s largest pool construction franchise. Published author, expert in search engine marketing, and Internet Technology, Trusty is a thought leader in the pool industry with a wide array of skillsets.
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Joe Trusty - Editor of Pool Magazine
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Allegations of unfinished pools, unpaid subcontractors and distributors and a long list of angry customers put Olympus in the spotlight and for all the wrong reasons.
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Two reflecting pools mark the exact place of the World Trade Center and stand as a permanent place of remembrance. Both pools commemorate the victims of the tragedy of September 11th.
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Did the pool deck contribute to the collapse at the Champlain Towers? To get a better understanding of what role waterproofing may have played, we reached out to one of the leading experts in the pool industry.
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