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Kimberly Cousins Meadows is the founder and owner of Write Touch Publications LLC, a writing and editing service, which also offers consultation to aspiring authors. She is an accomplished ghostwriter with over 20 years of experience in the writing and publishing industry. She is also the author of No You’re Not Crazy: Get Up and Get Your Happy Back and How to Write A Book: Stay on Track Journal for Writers. As a freelancer, she has edited several books for Publishers and ghostwritten books for several clients. (Member of National Writers Union)

With the stroke of the pen and a passion to reveal stories untold, she has gained notable clientele for her ability to maintain the author’s unique voice, while simultaneously unraveling a story of truth with flair, integrity, and authenticity. Whether it’s memoirs, self-help, or inspirational genre, you’ve probably read some of the awe-inspiring stories that have contributed to her career and passion to continue revealing stories for both seasoned and new clientele. She reveals, “I love living vicariously through the beautiful lives of those I meet around the world. They remain the impetus to my constant evolution.” Her company, Write Touch Publications continues to write, edit, and offer professional consultations to busy authors who have a burning desire to share their experiences, inspire, and ignite a movement, one book at a time.
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