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Minda Wei is a queer Chinese-American comedian, journalist, and screenwriter based in Austin, Texas. She recently left a job in electrical engineering to pursue writing and comedy, and her work has been featured in Slate and GEN Magazine. She is seeking literary representation in TV comedy.
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Minda Wei
Work Sample 1 Description
When Did Smokey Bear Get So Hot?, 2020 - Slate
A goofy but informative reported investigation
Work Sample 2 Description
The Generational Wealth in ‘MasterChef Junior’, 2020 - GEN Magazine
Personal essay/cultural analysis
Work Sample 3 Description
Alice, Everywhere - Pilot (22min comedy script)
Final Draft 2020 Big Break Quarterfinalist
Logline: A recently divorced 30-something struggles to keep her ability to teleport a secret as she juggles two dates on opposite coasts, her nosy assistant, and a run-in with her ex.
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