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Independent Research Analyst and health generalist, Beth Ann Fiedler authored/edited multiple books and peer-reviewed papers on medical device regulation, healthcare quality, and environmental health to improve community health and fiscal conditions through policy development. She has also successfully completed quality-award winning management and other projects for the private sector and the United States military. An American Society for Public Administration (ASPA) Founder’s Fellow (2014), her work has been recognized for “Ideas Changing the World” by the National Center for Policy Analysis (2011) and as an Outstanding Reviewer Award for Excellence by the Emerald Literati Network (2015).

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Beth Ann Fiedler, PhD
Work Sample 1 Description
This paper explores the context of medical reliance on Germ Theory and proposes alternative methods that challenge the limitations of this approach in light of COVID-19. The paper also introduces two parts that extend the conversation on the overarching and systemic problem of infectious disease.
Work Sample 2 Description
This book provides a multi-sectoral approach to understanding the impact of behavior, culture, and the environment on public health showcasing how these factors predict, and therefore, how they can improve public health. The 17 chapters in three sections engage the reader from various perspectives from institutional, organizational, and individual perspectives that must be taken into consideration in the formation of public policy.
Work Sample 3 Description
A comprehensive review of health technology management best practices, informative resources for medical device development, and patient safety solutions that increase clinical and non-clinical regulatory compliance for medical devices in the hospital environment of care.