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M. Michelle
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Short: Freelance writer committed to snatching back the Haitian narrative from the mainstream. Presenting interesting, quirky and fun Haitian life stories.
Extended: As a freelancer, I have written for online and print publications with a focus on the shared and distinct American experience of Black immigrants and Black Americans.

As a member of the Haitian diaspora (made in Haiti and bred in Brooklyn), I'm committed to snatching back the Haitian narrative. I want to present an assortment of unique Haitian experiences that are overlooked in mainstream conversations. It's important to show that our life stories can be painful, yes, but also brilliant, interesting, quirky and fun. I'm starting with the Happy Harper children's series. The first book forthcoming 2019. Also, forthcoming 2019 is my first book, Ruby Bridges: Get to Know the Girl Who Took a Stand for Education. This is part of Capstone's People You Should Know series for 3rd and 4th graders.

Professionally and personally, I am driven to use technology to ensure that youth and women of color with limited resources have access to opportunities for success and the support system to leverage them. I love partnering with others to do the same. I have 12 years demonstrated experience successfully engaging diverse communities of individual volunteers and teachers, schools, districts, non-profits and community partners, as well as corporate donors.

Currently, I serve as Chief Program Officer with As the CPO, I work closely with the Executive Director, staff, and Board to help shape, lead and implement the strategic vision and direction of iCouldBe's programming ensuring our programs are innovative and aligned with our core mission.

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M. Michelle Derosier in a heart-shaped statue in Woodstock, NY.
Work Sample 1 Description
This article is perfectly in line with my personal and professional mission focuses on access to opportunities for people of color. It was born out of my frustration with people who believe that token diversity is enough to change the inequality of power in the workforce.
Work Sample 2 Description
“Thank You, First Lady Michelle Obama” — Ebony Magazine, August 2016

This was a project of love. In her final year as First Lady, I wanted to write an article to capture the voices of several generations of black women sharing why the Mrs. Obama matters to them. This article was a thank you from us to the First Lady for using her platform of power and influence to combat the stereotypical and unfair perception of black women. Mrs. Obama read it (!!!) and sent me a handwritten heartwarming thank you note, which is now framed in precious glass.
Work Sample 3 Description
This is another article in line with a personal and professional mission. This one is with a focus on the shared and distinct American experience of Black immigrants and Black Americans.