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Writer and freelance journalist based in Dallas Texas participating in NPR and Industry Associations for Social Issues, Technology and Constitutional News and issues. Award winning writer of poetry and prose with a focus on life and the emotions that are encompassed in mankinds deepest endeavors.
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Jack Edwards III
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The Ex-Ocutioner

Elocution's execution,
Like silken golden grace
Flowing down from majestic clouds,
A waterfall from heavens face,
Apologetic prostrations made,
Like thespians dancing on parade,
Fueled with effort that was not then made,
Lost on me insincere loquaciousness,
It cannot change cold hard facts,
Done is done we can't go back,
Not you the cause nor the effect,
Not me who trusted my hearts last gasp,
Not what was lost in oblivion which you could not grasp,
Done is done we cant go back,
Pain and anger fade to black,
The last curtain call beckons come and take a bow,
A stronger me who could tell,
Existed deep has surfaced now,
Not to say that love it was not true,
Simply said that heart broken now has passed,
Hardened now the core of me,
Has within no you and me,
Conscious still i remain of the precious gifts that came,
From what we were the you and me,
That fiery crucible that love can be,
Love and hate and pain all three,
Can follow you for sake and grace,
I and the precious heart in me,
We together have set them free.

Jack Edwards 2018
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