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Kevin L.
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Kevin L. Clark is a Brooklyn-based screen- writer, music journalist, and recent kidney transplant recipient. If he’s not writing the next show you should watch on screen, you can find him slinging his “Kevito Says” newsletters on IG and Twitter. Follow him @KevitoClark for more adventures.
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Kevin L. Clark is a Brooklyn-based music journalist and screenwriter. Follow him on IG/Twitter @KevitoClark.
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A few days before his Brooklyn concert, I spoke with Robert Glasper about his new group, R+R=NOW, celebrating Juneteenth, and why there are no bad mistakes in music.
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Think you’ve seen Common perform a million times? Well, at Celebrate Brooklyn!, the Chicago MC proved that he has a real story to tell to the people.
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I got a chance to sit down with Sebastian Silva and Jason Mitchell, the director and star of the thriller 'Tyrel,' about working with each other, the art of white micro-aggressions, reparation hugs, and reminiscence over the funny genius of the late Reg E. Cathey, who filmed his last role in Tyrel before he passed.