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I am a Chicago writer, my main interests are the human condition, society, Human & Civil Rights, labor rights, automation, cost of living, economics, migration, mental illness concept, Free Market Fantasies, etc. as related to hierarchical systems, labor exploitation, and the proper managing or mismanaging of natural and human resources. I also engage topics clarifying ethnocentric and biocentric ideas aimed at eradicating scarcity and promoting abundance from an economic and pragmatic stand point in a horizontal manner while rejecting hierarchical orders or authority. I can be hired to write about any and all subjects as described above.
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Article's Title: "Why Immigrants Have to Assimilate the U.S. White Supremacists’ Culture… just Like Our European Ancestors “Assimilated” the Native American Culture?" Description: This article discusses immigration, colonialism, post-colonialism and the perils faced by immigrants from an ethnocentric as well as a sociological and historical perspective. This article explores five centuries of migration from Columbus arrival to the American continent to other ethnic conflict issues.
Work Sample 1
Work Sample 2 Description
Article's Title: "The Deserving and Not Deserving in a World of Despotic Hierarchical Order." Description: This article discusses the current economic state of the country for the working poor. The article engages social justice as well as working class social contributions when asking about safety net deficiencies as well as the ideas that erupted from Elizabethan laws in England to the US today.
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Work Sample 3 Description
Article's Title: "Public Control versus Privatization, the True Cost of a Privatized Democracy" Description: This article discusses the high cost of privatization along with its inefficiencies and misrepresentations simply by examining the claims versus results as well as comparing healthcare systems between the U.S. and other nations. The article also discusses U.S. Healthcare proposals to address current issues.
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