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Jennifer works at an academic library in Chicago, hidden away in a back office. She's the world's slowest writer, can't possibly name just one favorite band or movie, is obsessed with medicine and eats too much cheese. Between the gouda and the Impostor Syndrome, she was able to churn out a few dozen short stories, essays and her first novel.

Though progress is incremental at this point, Jenny's still plugging away at the next novel and a collection of short stories and essays, and two more shorts before the end of the year, lest she lose a bet.
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Latest interview of my re: my debut novel, Edge of Sundown, released Nov. 12, 2020. Interviewed by Sarah Davis, fellow Darkstroke Books author of Inside Voices.
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Short story published by Write City Magazine. A young woman discovers the truth about herself when her brother goes off to college.
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Short non-fiction piece about how an old job stole my soul—and led me down the path of fiction.
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