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Full-time freelance Finnish-to-English literary translator living in Seattle. I have translated literary and speculative fiction, historical novels, comic novels and crime novels, and contributed translations of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry to a variety of journals and anthologies.

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A novel by Rosa Liksom. An old woman living in a remote part of Lapland tells the unvarnished story of her life as a nature writer, free spirit, and fervent fascist. Raised by far-right partisans of the bloody Finnish Civil War and married at a young age to her beloved Colonel, she experiences the violent consequences first hand as her country’s alliance with Nazi Germany, and her own marriage, turn brutally cruel.

Based on a true story.
Work Sample 2 Description
A novel by Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen. A melancholy and forgetful middle-aged publisher reconnects online with his first love from childhood, who is now a bestselling author and cinematic self-help guru, and their rekindled relationship brings back lost memories of the wonderful and sometimes terrifying adventures they had as children on excursions into the secret passages beneath their small Finnish town.

Filled with dreams, magic, and unexpected twists, the new adventure they share takes on the gloss and drama of classic films as their story turns dark, romantic, and dangerous.
Work Sample 3 Description
A novel by Johanna Sinisalo. In Sinisalo’s alternative universe, Finland is a nanny state run amock. where prohibition was never repealed, the theories of the eugenics movement were never renounced, and alcohol and all sorts of other substances are completely banned – including chili peppers, due to their possible mind-altering and addictive properties. The heroes of the novel are a young woman defying the governement's strictly enforced rules for females and the illicit chili pepper dealer who is helping her search for her missing sister.
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