Writer Advocacy


 The NWU takes stands on many issues that impact the rights and economic interests of writers. These issues range from basic democratic rights to issues affecting writers' economic survival.

General political positions are taken by the National Delegate Assembly. Based on those positions the union can take action on specific issues that arise. The action might take the form of protest or legislative advocacy.

The union has taken stands on issues of the following kinds:

Freedom of Expression. The union has opposed many forms of censorship, from cultural and political biases of the publishing industry, to the overt burning of books, to the persecution and execution of writers. The union also opposes restrictions placed on writers and journalists by government institutions, and opposes the prosecution of writers for protecting their sources.

Economic Issues. The union advocates for economic rights that benefit writers and their families: education, affordable health care and housing, economic security, equal opportunity, and democracy.

Copyright Defense. The union defends the right of writers to benefit from their own creations, as protected by U.S. Copyright Law.

Media Consolidation. The union sees the concentration of publishing and media power in large media monopolies as limiting diversity of perspectives, restricting publishing options for writers, and undermining the bargaining power of freelance writers.

Health and Safety. The union takes on issues and practices that threaten the health and safety of writers, most notably those that concern extended work at a computer terminal.

Labor Solidarity. The union supports the struggles of other unions and of other working people for economic justice and improved working conditions.

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