Worse Case Scenario: An Election Story

Like Charles Dickens with his Pickwick Papers novel, I have been publishing my work in progress, Worst Case Scenario: Election Night 2020, in serial form on a website. 

The president was impressed with the smooth transition America was making to this new form of government. He knew with a cold certainty that the Democrats had been trying to overthrow the government with fake elections. But as long as he held the reins of power, the glory of these United States was assured.

“Get me Putin on the phone,” he demanded of a faceless sycophant who rushed to do his bidding. “Did they catch Acosta yet?” he asked the underling.

“I’m not sure. I’ll find out.”

Trump smiled to himself, recalling the reporter’s quick exit from the Rose Garden. It was just a matter of time till he was caught. He was going to make him lick his shoes before they sent that uppity asshole to the re-education camp in Bethesda.

Melania was looking at him with new respect, maybe even fear. Fuck her. He didn’t need to keep up appearances anymore. It had always been Ivanka. He had created her to rule beside him. He had already promised that p***y Jared to some Christian biker gang. Hell, he’d probably love it.

“Where’s that Putin call?” He loved it when people jumped and scrambled to serve.

“Here you are, sir. President Putin on the line.”

Putin was in a good mood. “How are you, Mr. President?”

“That plan you sent me worked beautifully. It was a very, very beautiful thing.”

“How does it feel to have real power, Mr. President?”

“Amazing, Mr. President. If Iran fucks with me, pfft. If North Korea tries to embarrass me again, boom, boom, boom,” laughed Trump.

“All I ask, you brilliant, handsome man, is a courtesy call before you go after one of my neighbors. We don’t want all the power of nuclear war going to the heads of your stupid generals.”

“I don’t think they’d take a shit without running it by me first.”

“Still, just to be working together…”

“That’s what I like about you, V. You get me.”

“Of course, I do, Donald. I respect you and everyone else must respect you because you are the most powerful man on the planet.”

“Now you’re just trying to feed my ego.”

“Yes, but is it not true, Mr. President?”

“Yes. Yes, it is. Come visit soon. I have to go now. I have a country to conquer.”