What Shall We Call Ourselves?

The BizTech Division was formed to represent those who write for the business community, as well as what once was the burgeoning Silicon Valley tech world. BizTech writing assignments were works for hire, where copyrights belonged to the employers— rather than individual writers—for such items as user manuals and PR releases.

BizTech was a catchy name meant to encompass any kind of writing that didn’t fit within the journalism or book divisions. In the ensuing years, that segment of the NWU membership has grown out from under its current umbrella designation to include many other types of work-for-hire writers. That may mean it’s time for a new division name that’s more inclusive of the NWU writers who write work-for-hire material.

What name suits these diverse assignments, which run the gamut from Web content to B2B advertising copy to medical and educational material? One suggestion has been the Work-for-Hire Division, based on the reasons outlined above. Do you have an alternative suggestion? If you do, please send it along to nwu@nwu.org for consideration.