Two DC Events Feature Women Writers

Margery Sinclair

When Joanne Rowling wrote the first book in the Harry Potter series, she was advised to use the name J.K. Rowling in order to hide her gender and expand her audience. This is but one modern example of the kind of circumstances that have faced women who have dared to write. An entire museum is dedicated to their work, and it’s hosting two events in the coming months that may be of interest to DC-area National Writer Union members.

The first, Women Who Are Always Write, takes place at noon Tuesday, February 6th, and features business and social etiquette expert Margery Sinclair (above) profiling four iconic American women writers, living and dead, who achieved international success writing in their field: Emily Post, Amy Vanderbilt, Judith Martin, a k a “Miss Manners,” and Pauline Phillips, a k a “Dear Abby.”

Becky Clark

Check out the American Women Writers National Museum website for more details.

A second event at noon on Wednesday, March 14 at the National Center for Book features acting director Becky Clark, who’ll  discuss the American women writers who have most influenced her. The list includes Eudora Welty and Mary Karr. See their site for more details.