The Latest Lenny Moss Mystery

Climate change has brought a new, aggressive Zika virus to Philadelphia, making pregnant women fearful they will become infected, and overloading the hospital with a crush of frightened patients. Pregnant nurses at James Madison Hospital beg to be relieved from caring for patients with the virus, but Mother Burgess, the Director of Nursing, refuses. The nurses turn to wily shop steward Lenny Moss for help joining his service workers union. But when Rachel Austin, a popular family practice physician, is brutally attacked, Lenny Moss must investigate, all too aware that a killer is roaming the hospital.

This 8thbook in the Lenny Moss mystery series continues the author’s portrayal of loving, hard-working hospital workers and their labor struggles with a greedy for-profit hospital management. He plans to pen two more in the series and end it at 10…

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