The Rest of the World

Have you ever read Dante? Thomas Mann? Georges Simenon? The Bible? Elena Ferrante? Pokémon? In their original languages? 
Most of the literature of the world is filtered for English-speaking readers through the art of literary translation. How are literary translations written, and how are they to be read? What qualities of the originals can be brought over into English? What has to be left behind? Knowledge of a second language is NOT required to explore these questions.
Translation is an art and a writing discipline. Even if you are not comfortable in another language, you can learn how translators work, and enhance both your own writing, and your reading of literature from other languages. This workshop, led by noted translator 
J. Kates, will look at different translations of the same writing and then help you to experiment making “literal” texts into literature of your own.
Contact Jim Kates to request an invitation to the event.