The New York Times Interviews Playwright and Author Calvin Ramsey

Calvin-Alexander-Ramsey--element45National Writers Union (NWU) member Calvin Alexander Ramsey, playwright and author, was interviewed by Michael T. Luongo of The New York Times about his work, “The Green Book.” Read the interview here- Calvin A. Ramsey on How Black Travel Has Changed Since Jim Crow.

52556_C.inddThe Green Book,” Calvin’s first work, was produced as a two-act play in 2005 and demonstrated the difficulties African-Americans faced while traveling during the Jim Crow era. The play  was based on his research on The Negro Motorist Green Book, a manual directing Blacks to “safe” restaurants, hotels and gas stations; published from 1936 to 1963. In 2010, The Green Book was published as a children’s book (Ruth and the Green Book).

Calvin was born in Baltimore, Maryland and grew up in Roxboro, North Carolina. It has been his ambition to become a writer since childhood, a dream he fully realized when five days before the 9/11 bombings in 2001, Ramsey says he “found his voice.”  Read more about the author…