Support Wisconsin Public Workers


In Wisconsin, tens of thousands of workers, teachers and students are fighting Gov. Scott Walker's plan to strip 200,000 public employees of their collective bargaining rights. Just as Reagan’s wholesale firing
of striking Air Traffic Controllers in the ‘80’s led to decades of attacks on private sector unions, what we are seeing in Wisconsin is PATCO II: The Public Sector. If Walker wins, the labor movement can look forward to even more setbacks for a long time to come.

National Writers Union/UAW Local 1981, is 110% in support of, and inspired by the Wisconsin workers. We are joining with transit workers, City University instructors and state, county and city workers to follow your lead and fight the massive attacks visiting NY. I urge all of our members to participate in support actions in your area. In the next few days, solidarity rallies will be taking place throughout the country--view the schedule and locations.

To our sisters and brothers in Wisconsin we say, “Keep standing strong. You are not alone.”

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