Support Medicare


As members of The National Writers Union know, access to adequate health care is a crisis issue for many of us. While we work to change the climate to insure the right to health care, some of us are just trying to hang on until Medicare kicks in.
The Bush administration is currently seeking to alter the structure of Medicare, leaving retirees and senior citizens significantly less protected as a result. None of us, young or old, can afford to see any more burden passed on to older people: they are our families, our future if we're lucky. We urge you to contact to fax your representatives in Congress about this issue.

Bush's proposed changes to Medicare (excerpted from would:
·       Privatize Medicare and put seniors at the mercy of insurance companies.
·       Leave millions of seniors with huge drug costs despite a 50 percent Medicare premium increase.
·       Threaten employer-provided prescription drug coverage4 million retirees who now have coverage could lose it.
·       Increase future premiums by 25 percent if you stay in the Medicare you know with the doctor of your choice.
·       Prevent our government from reining in prescription drug prices.
Half of all seniors won't save any money on their drug costs.



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